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Ariel Burger

Drawing on ancient and modern Jewish and general literature, Ariel Burger speaks about Elie Wiesel's legacy and its implications today.

Avivah Zornberg

Avivah Zornberg has been teaching Torah for the past 30 years at Jewish, academic & psychoanalytic settings around the world, & is the author of five acclaimed books on Tanach.

Avraham Infeld

Avraham Infeld is President Emeritus of Hillel International, and an education pioneer. He has invested a lifetime building Jewish identity and strengthening the State of Israel.

Jeannie Opdyke Smith

Daughter of Polish Rescuer, Irene Gut Opdyke (Broadway play: Irena's Vow- soon to be a movie) Jeannie Smith tells an incredible story of how "One person can make a difference."

Judy Klitsner

Judy Klitsner, a senior lecturer at Pardes in Jerusalem, teaches Bible in an engaging, interactive style. She is the author of the acclaimed "Subversive Sequels in the Bible."

Linda Gradstein

Linda Gradstein is an award–winning journalist who spent 20 years as the Jerusalem correspondent for NPR. She also teaches journalism at NYU-Tel Aviv.

Mike Reiss

Mike Reiss has won four Emmys and a Peabody Award during his 28 years writing for The Simpsons. He is also an award-winning mystery writer, playwright, and children's book author.

Miriam Anzovin

Miriam Anzovin is a writer, visual artist, and creator of the viral “Daf Reactions” series on Tiktok. She exists at the intersection of Sefaria and Sephora.

Rachel Korazim

Rachel is a consultant for Israel and Holocaust education. She engages audiences through innovative presentations built around stories, poems and songs of Israel’s best writers.

Rachel Sharansky Danziger

Rachel is a Jerusalem-born writer, speaker, and lover of juxtapositions. She blogs about life in Israel, parenting, storytelling in the Bible...And the places where they intersect.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Sarah Tuttle-Singer is the New Media Editor at Times of Israel, and the author of "Jerusalem, Drawn and Quartered". She writes about her life, and enjoys meeting new people.

Susan Silverman

Susan is a rabbi, author, teacher and activist. Her newest book, Casting Lots, was published in 2016 by Da Capo Press. She is the Founder of Second Nurture and of Miklat Israel.

Tova Hartman

Tova Hartman, a founder of Shira Hadasha, lectures widely on Judaism & feminism, religious innovation, prayer, & marginalization of the other in Jewish tradition.

Yisrael Campbell

Yisrael Campbell is just your average Irish, Italian, Catholic, Reform, Conservative, Unorthodox, Orthodox Jew, who was born to be funny. Audiences love him.

More Speakers

Amotz Asa-El

Bestselling author, Hartman Institute Fellow and award-winning journalist Amotz Asa-El is the Jerusalem Post's senior commentator and former Executive Editor

Daniel Polisar

Dr. Daniel Polisar is Executive Vice President of Shalem College in Jerusalem. He writes and lectures on Zionist history, Israeli society and politics, and Biblical thought.

Dovid M. Cohen

Check out 'The JPP-Jewish Philanthropy Podcast,' where I interview noted philanthropists and what makes them tick.http://jewishphilantropypodcast.libsyn.com/

Gideon (Gidi) Grinstein

Gidi masters the art of vision, strategy and leadership. Through the Reut Group, he built many ventures addressing big challenges facing Israel, the Jewish People and humanity.

Joseph Gitler

In 2003, Joseph Gitler founded Leket Israel as a one-man volunteer operation to respond to the growing hunger, poverty and food waste in Israel.

Marc Schulman

Having divided the last 44 years between Israel and the US, Marc serves as Newsweek columnist in Tel Aviv, speaking about politics, history, the military, economy, and society.

Matan Hodorov

From Israel's Start-Up Nation to Social Protests: With 15 years of covering decision making in Israel, TV Journalist Matan Hodorov reveals the untold story of the country's Economy

Micah Odenheimer

Rabbi Micha Odenheimer founded Tevel b’Tzedek, an NGO promoting sustainable development in developing countries, while providing young Jews with social justice experience abroad.

Michael Bassin

Tech executive and author, specializing in Arab-Israeli business development. He's lived openly as a Jew in Egypt and the UAE and served in the IDF as an Arabic translator.

Rachel Hallote

Rachel Hallote is an archaeologist who works in Israel. Her research involves biblical history as well as the intersection of politics and archaeology in Israel.

Raphael Zarum

Rabbi Zarum is Dean of the London School of Jewish Studies and has a doctorate in Theoretical Physics. He specialises in wildly innovative and meaningful readings of Jewish sources

Sherri Mandell

Sherri Mandell is an award winning author who lectures about community, kindness and resilience. She is the co-director of the Koby Mandell Foundation and a pastoral counselor.

Sherri Wise

Dr. Sherri Wise, survivor of a triple suicide bombing in Israel, speaks about turning anger into forgiveness, choosing survival, and finding goodness in the worst of circumstances.

Sivan Ya'ari

Sivan Ya'ari is the Founder & CEO of Innovation: Africa, a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 that has brought Israeli technology to over 150 villages in 8 African countries.

Tracy Beckerman

TRACY BECKERMAN is an award-winning author, speaker, comedian, and syndicated columnist who has appeared on numerous TV shows including, NBC’s Today Show, and CBS Sunday Morning.

William Marks

William R. Marks, Esq., a renowned Holocaust reparations expert, has represented 40,000+ Survivors (or heirs) worldwide since 1996, collecting millions in client recoveries.

Yonah Jeremy Bob

Yonah Jeremy Bob is an author, lectures on foreign affairs and is Jerusalem Post Intelligence, Terrorism and Legal Analyst. He has spoken since 2000 in the US, Canada and Israel.

Even More Speakers

Aaron Leibowitz

Founding Rabbi of Chuppot, providing weddings in Israel outside the Rabanut. Former Jerusalem City Council Member. Inspirational teacher, Feminist, Storyteller and Troublemaker.

Adele Goldberg

Adele Goldberg is Executive Director of Friends of Yad Sarah, which supports the largest volunteer-led social services organization in Israel.

Alexander Nemser

New York Times-published poet, storyteller and facilitator Alexander Nemser engages with timeless questions of Jewish spirituality through an irreverent, hilarious millennial lens.

Arnold Grossman

Grossman's novel,THIS BOY'S WAR, tells of anti-Semitism during WW-II, a selection of the Vancouver Jewish Book Festival; his latest film, THE BOAT BUILDER, stars Christopher Lloyd.

Aryeh Ben David

Renowned educator and author, Aryeh Ben David, personally addresses the contemporary crisis of disconnection from prayer through his latest book: Prayers of the Lost & Found.

Aryeh Green

Inspiring and dynamic, an expert in regional affairs, media issues & Israel history, Aryeh brings a passionate centrist approach to the challenges facing Israel & the Jewish world.

Avraham Leader

Avraham Leader is an internationally acclaimed teacher of Kabbalah and a founder of Jerusalem's Leader Minyan. His students include teachers, researchers, rabbis and beginners.

Bennett Muraskin

Author of four books on Jewish folklore, biography, Yiddish literature and Jews in the American labor movement. Columnist and contributor to Jewish magazines. NJ/NY based

Beth Steinberg

Beth Steinberg is the co-founder of Shutaf Inclusion Programs in Jerusalem, and the artistic director of Theater in the Rough, creating new kinds of theatrical experiences.

Daniel Beaudoin

Daniel is an expert on how international aid to the Palestinians is used to name and shame Israel. He also fights antisemitism and Holocaust denial.

Dara Barnat

A poet, scholar, and educator, Dara Barnat, Ph.D. lectures widely on poetry and creative writing, and currently teaches at Tel Aviv University

Dave Cohen

Play-by-play voice the most different sports on ESPN; Yankees; Mets; NBA; Olympics; Eastbound & Down; Glory Road. Stories of all things Jewish, Brooklyn, sports/acting/grandfather

David Benjamin

International lawyer, Rabbi, IDF Lieutenant-Colonel (Res.), former IDF legal advisor and expert speaker on Israel in international law. He also teaches Jewish ethics in warfare.

David Dalin

Dr. David Dalin is an historian and rabbi. He wrote "The Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court", and co-authored "The Presidents of the United States and the Jews".

David Frankel

Rabbi Dr. David Frankel teaches Hebrew Bible and Jewish studies to Israeli M.A. and Rabbinical students at the Schechter Institute of Jerusalem.

David Levin

People seek meaning and connection in their lives. Rabbi David is dedicated to helping shed light on the paths of each seeker through the profound wisdom of the Jewish tradition.

David Lieberman

Author of 12 published books—including two New York Times bestsellers—which have translated into 27 languages, selling more than three million copies worldwide.

David Seidenberg

Rabbi David Seidenberg is the creator of neohasid.org and one of the world's foremost experts on Judaism and ecology. He shares a unique synthesis of spirituality and scholarship.

David Starr

David Starr directs Tzion, and is a Research Associate at Brandeis. He served as Scholar in Residence at Gann Academy. David is writing a biography of Solomon Schechter.

Dorit Sasson

Award-winning author and inspirational speaker, Dorit Sasson uses her story of struggling with Reverse Culture Shock/leaving Israel as a catalyst for finding a home in Pittsburgh. 

Eetta Prince-Gibson

After five years as Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Report, Eetta is Israel Editor of Moment Magazine and contributes often to Haaretz, The Forward, Global Post and WomenseNews.

Elhanan Miller

Rabbi Elhanan Miller is a Jewish educator, journalist, and director of People of the Book, an online initiative geared at teaching Arab audiences about Jewish faith and culture.

Elliott Mendes

As an expert with a career in the U.S.-Israel relationship, politics and current events in the Middle East, Elliott has a unique insider perspective and keen analysis to share.

Gershom Gorenberg

Gershom Gorenberg is an Israeli historian and journalist. His latest book is ‘War of Shadows: Codebreakers, Spies and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East.’

Gershon Baskin

Dr. Gershon Baskin is best known for facilitating the release of Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. He is a leading Israeli scholar and peace activist.

Gil Troy

Gil Troy is Professor of History at McGill University, the author of the bestselling "Why I Am a Zionist," and a weekly columnist for the Jerusalem Post & the Huffington Post.

Gila Fine

Gila Fine teaches Aggada at Pardes, exploring the Talmud's stories through philosophy, literary criticism, psychoanalysis and pop-culture. She is editor in chief of Maggid Books.

Iris Pastor

Iris, former editor of The American Israelite, author of two books - one out this year - a 2015 “Must Read” blogger for the Huffington Post - published over 800 newspaper columns.

Jeanine Hoff

Jeanine Hoff is the incredibly outgoing and respected leader of Where is the Sunshine?, a mental health non-profit and online social media resource.

Jeff Klepper

Cantor/composer Jeff Klepper is a key figure in American Jewish music. One-half of the duo Kol B'Seder, his songs, such as "Shalom Rav," are known throughout the Jewish world.

Jeffrey Shoulson

Jeffrey Shoulson is Doris and Simon Konover Chair of Judaic Studies, Professor of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages, and Professor of English at the University of Connecticut

Jessica Steinberg

Jessica Steinberg is the culture and lifestyles editor at the Times of Israel, covering the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center, and writes children's books.

Jordan Herzberg

Lt. Col. Jordan Herzberg has been active in security affairs for 20 years. As a track two diplomat, Jordan participated in secret negotiations between Israeli and Arab leaders.

Josh Shron

For 20+ years, Josh has hosted "Israel Hour Radio". He's obsessed with Israeli music, and wants to share his passion with Jewish communities worldwide.

Judy Gruen

Gruen's columns in Jewish and secular media highlight a fearless infusion of traditional Jewish values, presented with wry humor and trenchant insights, for a general audience.

Kathy Kacer

A child of Holocaust survivors, Kathy has written stories of hope, courage and humanity in the face of overwhelming adversity. Her books for young readers are sold around the world

Laura Ben-David

Laura Ben-David is an award-winning photographer whose love of Israel and adventure fuels her photos - and her talks. Author, bridge-builder, settler, lover of life.

Laura Wharton

Dr. Laura Wharton immigrated to Israel from the US. She served in the IDF, was a kibbutz member and now teaches at Hebrew University while serving on Jerusalem's City Council.

Lionel Friedfeld

Lionel Friedfeld, Co-Author of Israel & China From Silk Road to Innovation Highway, CEO Israel Asian Fund and i24 News Financial Analyst.

Margie Cella

Rabbi Cella, in a second career, tells the story of converting to Judaism, with her husband and 2 children, and ultimate ordination at JTS, and also speaks on Bible and Talmud.

Michael Freund

Former Deputy Communications Director for PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Veteran Jerusalem Post columnist. Founder & Chairman of Shavei Israel. Raised in NY, made Aliya over 20 years ago.

Michael Margaretten Cohen

Early leader Jewish environmental movement: founding faculty, Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: Conflict Resolution faculty, Bennington College: author, Einstein's Rabbi.

Mike Wagenheim

People talk about changing their life. Mike did it. This single American (very) secular Jew became an Israeli, husband, father, Torah student and TV reporter - all in 15 months.

Miri Shalem

Miri Shalem is an Orthodox Sephardic activist. The CEO of the Institute for Zionist Strategies & writer for Makor Rishon. She has a BA in Economics and an MA in Gender Studies.

Nanette Fridman

Nanette Fridman, MPP, JD, is a catalyst, consultant, coach and author. She speaks about leadership, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector and the American Jewish community.

Natalie Silverstein

Speaker and consultant Natalie Silverstein, MPH, is the author of two books that inspire busy parents and teens to find time for service and acts of loving-kindness.

Nehemia Polen

A leading expert in Hasidism and Jewish thought, his books include "The Holy Fire: The Teachings of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira, the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto".

Neta Hanien

The inspiring story of the Jewish & Arab visionaries who founded Juha's, an award winning social business developing a sustainable economy in the poorest Israeli Arab village.

Noah Alper

Noah Alper founded the Noah's Bagels restaurant chain, which he sold for $100M 6½ years later. He offers entrepreneurs a wealth of start-up and small business expertise.

Noga  Kainan

Kainan is a well-known figure in the Israeli economy. She is co-author of the best seller Hebrew book: "ISRAEL - Island of Success", president of associations of senior executives.

Nora Gold

Dr. Gold, winner of two Canadian Jewish Book Awards, is an author, editor, dynamic speaker & former prof, knowledgeable about social issues, literature, & the overlap between them.

Penina Taylor

Penina Taylor is a dynamic speaker, author and mentor who has inspired tens of thousands of Jewish people toward a more meaningful relationship with themselves and God.

Philippe Metoudi

Philippe Metoudi, an international banker with China expertise, is Partner at AlfaSec Advisors, Founder of Duotem Capital Hong Kong and lecturer at People's University of Beijing

Pinchas Landis

Using humor, history, and a little Jewish know-how, Rabbi Landis motivates, inspires, and entertains audiences worldwide always leaving listeners wanting more.

Rachael Turkienicz

With a Ph.D. in Talmud & Midrash, Rachael Turkienicz brings insights ranging from the ancient to the modern. A national columnist, published author, television host & producer.

Rachel Kann

"You Sparkle Inside" author Rachel Kann uplifts audiences and congregations from TEDx to NY's Town & Village Shul to Mishkon Tephilo in Santa Monica where she is Poet-In-Residence.

Rachel Braun Scherl

Rachel Braun Scherl is the author of Orgasmic Leadership, a successful business builder, entrepreneur and speaker. She focuses on growing businesses and brands in women's health.

Rahel Berkovits

Rahel Berkovits is an expert on women and Judaism, author of "A Daughter's Recitation of Mourner's Kaddish," and a teacher of Mishnah, Talmud, and Halakha at the Pardes Institute.

Reuben Ebrahimoff

Reuben Ebrahimoff, author of "From Your Lips To God's Ears," has spoken about the Haftorahs in over 100 different congregations worldwide. He also teaches weekly Tehillim classes.

Rhonda Rosenheck

Yiddische Yoga author and recovering Jewish educator writes, edits & speaks. She was over-educated/alphabetized at SUNY-B, HC, HU, MTEI, SHI, JTS, & DSLTI.

Rich Brownstein

Author of "The Holocaust Film Bible: 75 Years of Narrative Holocaust Film". Holocaust & Jewish Film expert at Yad Vashem.

Richard Schwartz

Author of "Judaism and Vegetarianism," "Judaism and Global Survival," and " Who Stole My Religion?" and over 250 articles at JewishVeg.org/schwartz; Jewish environmental activist.

Ritasue Charlestein

I will warm your hearts and move you to tears as I bring my israel to you. My stories and songs tell of the courage, bravery, and triumph of the wounded soldiers of tzahal.

Robbie Gringras

World-renowned solo theater performer, inspirational speaker, charismatic teacher, and one of the most creative voices calling for honest complex relations between Jews and Israel.

Roie Galitz

A world renowned wildlife photographer, capturing endangered animals around the world for the BBC, Nat Geo and more and raising awareness as a Greenpeace ambassador worldwide.

Ruth Mastron

Ruth Mastron provides lively talks and workshops on a variety of topics related to Jewish culture, diversity among Jews, and using Jewish values to bridge cultural differences.

Sarah Bernstein

Director of the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue, Dr. Sarah Bernstein has spent 20 years developing innovative approaches to interreligious peacebuilding in Jerusalem.

Saul Orbach

I have a 30 year track record of success turning business vision into reality for myself and others. I want to share the secrets of my success so you can learn how to do it too.

Shai Cherry

Shai Cherry is a Conservative rabbi with a doctorate in Jewish Thought. He is an authority on Judaism & Darwinism, Torah interpretations, and the philosophy of halakhah.

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Sharon is the ED of JOFA. Sharon was the first Orthodox woman chaplain at Harvard University and an OU JLIC educator. Sharon earned her PhD at NYU as a Wexner/Davidson fellow.

Shira Gura

Getting stuck is a natural human tendency, but staying stuck is a choice. Learn how to Get Unstuck so you can Live Deliberately with Shira Gura, Emotional well-being coach.

Shmuel Reichman

Harvard and UChicago trained, Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is a bestselling author, international speaker, CEO, and executive coach. He speaks on topics of leadership and Jewish thought.

Sidney Slivko

'Rabbi Sid' is a popular lecturer whose open-tent approach has gained him a loyal following in Israel & the Diaspora. His book, 'From God's Mouth?' will be published soon.

Simi Peters

Simi Peters, author of Learning to Read Midrash, is an internationally acclaimed Jewish educator and speaker. Her interactive style is warm, inclusive and intellectually engaging.

Sonia Levitin

Sonia Levitin is the author of dozens of famous Jewish children's books, and recipient of many awards, including the National Jewish Book Award. She is also an artist and producer.

Sydney Engelberg

South African, American citizen, lived 7 years in Australia, Hebrew University faculty. Speaks on social network theory and cognitive psychology in understanding Jewish life

Tomer Persico

Dr. Tomer Persico is a Shalom Hartman Institute Scholar in Residence and teaches at UC Berkeley. His book, "The Jewish Meditative Tradition," was published in 2016

Tzemah Yoreh

As a Bible scholar and poet, Dr. Rabbi Tzemah most enjoys surprising people as they discover sides of the Bible they never knew and inspiring audiences with new prayers.

Y. Boruch Sufrin

Head of sizeable Jewish Day School in Beverly Hills for 20 years, presents strategies to strategically sustain our community, family, and school to ensure sustainability?

Yair Tarchitsky

Yair Tarchitsky is the Chairman of the Union of Journalists in Israel and the Movement for Public journalism. He also serves as a board member of the Israeli Press Council

Yoaz Hendel

Yoaz Hendel is an historian, journalist, publicist, and chairman of the Institute for Zionist Strategies. Former Director of Communications for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

Yonatan Neril

Rabbi Yonatan Neril founded and directs The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and its Jewish Eco Seminars branch. He speaks internationally on faith and ecology.

Yosef Abramowitz

The first private-sector candidate for Israel's Presidency, Yosef I. Abramowitz is Israel's leading solar pioneer, an educator, activist and impact investor.