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Miriam Anzovin

Miriam Anzovin is a writer, visual artist, and creator of the viral “Daf Reactions” series on Tiktok. She exists at the intersection of Sefaria and Sephora.

Susan Silverman

Susan is a rabbi, author, teacher and activist. Her newest book, Casting Lots, was published in 2016 by Da Capo Press. She is the Founder of Second Nurture and of Miklat Israel.

Tova Hartman

Tova Hartman, a founder of Shira Hadasha, lectures widely on Judaism & feminism, religious innovation, prayer, & marginalization of the other in Jewish tradition.

Even More Speakers

Judy Gruen

Gruen's columns in Jewish and secular media highlight a fearless infusion of traditional Jewish values, presented with wry humor and trenchant insights, for a general audience.

Miri Shalem

Miri Shalem is an Orthodox Sephardic activist. The CEO of the Institute for Zionist Strategies & writer for Makor Rishon. She has a BA in Economics and an MA in Gender Studies.

Rachael Turkienicz

With a Ph.D. in Talmud & Midrash, Rachael Turkienicz brings insights ranging from the ancient to the modern. A national columnist, published author, television host & producer.

Rahel Berkovits

Rahel Berkovits is an expert on women and Judaism, author of "A Daughter's Recitation of Mourner's Kaddish," and a teacher of Mishnah, Talmud, and Halakha at the Pardes Institute.

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Sharon is the ED of JOFA. Sharon was the first Orthodox woman chaplain at Harvard University and an OU JLIC educator. Sharon earned her PhD at NYU as a Wexner/Davidson fellow.