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Mike Reiss

Mike Reiss has won four Emmys and a Peabody Award during his 28 years writing for The Simpsons. He is also an award-winning mystery writer, playwright, and children's book author.

Rachel Sharansky Danziger

Rachel is a Jerusalem-born writer, speaker, and lover of juxtapositions. She blogs about life in Israel, parenting, storytelling in the Bible...And the places where they intersect.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Sarah Tuttle-Singer is the New Media Editor at Times of Israel, and the author of "Jerusalem, Drawn and Quartered". She writes about her life, and enjoys meeting new people.

Susan Silverman

Susan is a rabbi, author, teacher and activist. Her newest book, Casting Lots, was published in 2016 by Da Capo Press. She is the Founder of Second Nurture and of Miklat Israel.

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Tracy Beckerman

TRACY BECKERMAN is an award-winning author, speaker, comedian, and syndicated columnist who has appeared on numerous TV shows including, NBC’s Today Show, and CBS Sunday Morning.

Even More Speakers

Beth Steinberg

Beth Steinberg is the co-founder of Shutaf Inclusion Programs in Jerusalem, and the artistic director of Theater in the Rough, creating new kinds of theatrical experiences.

David Levin

People seek meaning and connection in their lives. Rabbi David is dedicated to helping shed light on the paths of each seeker through the profound wisdom of the Jewish tradition.

David Lieberman

Author of 12 published books—including two New York Times bestsellers—which have translated into 27 languages, selling more than three million copies worldwide.

Iris Pastor

Iris, former editor of The American Israelite, author of two books - one out this year - a 2015 “Must Read” blogger for the Huffington Post - published over 800 newspaper columns.

Judy Gruen

Gruen's columns in Jewish and secular media highlight a fearless infusion of traditional Jewish values, presented with wry humor and trenchant insights, for a general audience.

Laura Ben-David

Laura Ben-David is an award-winning photographer whose love of Israel and adventure fuels her photos - and her talks. Author, bridge-builder, settler, lover of life.

Natalie Silverstein

Speaker and consultant Natalie Silverstein, MPH, is the author of two books that inspire busy parents and teens to find time for service and acts of loving-kindness.