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Jeannie Opdyke Smith

Daughter of Polish Rescuer, Irene Gut Opdyke (Broadway play: Irena's Vow- soon to be a movie) Jeannie Smith tells an incredible story of how "One person can make a difference."

Yisrael Campbell

Yisrael Campbell is just your average Irish, Italian, Catholic, Reform, Conservative, Unorthodox, Orthodox Jew, who was born to be funny. Audiences love him.

Even More Speakers

Josh Shron

Israeli music expert Josh Shron has hosted "Israel Hour Radio" for 30 years - inspiring English speakers to connect to Israel through the power of music!

Laura Ben-David

Laura Ben-David is an award-winning photographer whose love of Israel and adventure fuels her photos - and her talks. Author, bridge-builder, settler, lover of life.

Michael Starr

Covered television at The New York Post for 29 years and authored 10 biographies of show-business personalities. Can speak on a variety of subjects related to both endeavors.

Rachel Kann

Poet Rachel Kann, Sephardic/Ashkenazi Fulbright Scholar to Morocco & author of "How to Bless the New Moon", uplifts audiences & congregations from TEDx to NY's Town & Village Shul.

Roie Galitz

A world renowned wildlife photographer, capturing endangered animals around the world for the BBC, Nat Geo and more and raising awareness as a Greenpeace ambassador worldwide.

Sonia Levitin

Sonia Levitin is the author of dozens of famous Jewish children's books, and recipient of many awards, including the National Jewish Book Award. She is also an artist and producer.