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Rachel Korazim

Rachel is a consultant for Israel and Holocaust education. She engages audiences through innovative presentations built around stories, poems and songs of Israel’s best writers.

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Alexander Nemser

New York Times-published poet, storyteller and facilitator Alexander Nemser engages with timeless questions of Jewish spirituality through an irreverent, hilarious millennial lens.

Aryeh Ben David

Renowned educator and author, Aryeh Ben David, personally addresses the contemporary crisis of disconnection from prayer through his latest book: Prayers of the Lost & Found.

Dara Barnat

A poet, scholar, and educator, Dara Barnat, Ph.D. lectures widely on poetry and creative writing, and currently teaches at Tel Aviv University

Rachel Kann

"You Sparkle Inside" author Rachel Kann uplifts audiences and congregations from TEDx to NY's Town & Village Shul to Mishkon Tephilo in Santa Monica where she is Poet-In-Residence.