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Jeff Klepper

Cantor/composer Jeff Klepper is a key figure in American Jewish music. One-half of the duo Kol B'Seder, his songs, such as "Shalom Rav," are known throughout the Jewish world.

Josh Shron

For 20+ years, Josh has hosted "Israel Hour Radio". He's obsessed with Israeli music, and wants to share his passion with Jewish communities worldwide.

Rachel Kann

"You Sparkle Inside" author Rachel Kann uplifts audiences and congregations from TEDx to NY's Town & Village Shul to Mishkon Tephilo in Santa Monica where she is Poet-In-Residence.

Ritasue Charlestein

I will warm your hearts and move you to tears as I bring my israel to you. My stories and songs tell of the courage, bravery, and triumph of the wounded soldiers of tzahal.